Our goals as the is Coach & Bus Operators Association (CBOA)

Our objectives

  1. To recruit and admit to membership passenger transport operators falling in the category defined herein.
  2. To promote and advance, coordinate and harmonise the interests of the members of the organisation.
  3. To represent members of the organisation and present their interests, grievances, view points, and any other matters of interest to or affecting them, to relevant administrative offices of government.
  4. To promote and encourage a good working relationship between the members of the organisation and the passengers.
  5. To lobby Government and/or any other influential and interested individual or organisation with the view to enacting legislation regulating the affairs of the organisation and the operators of the passenger transport industry in Zimbabwe.
  6. To promote and coordinate relevant matters between the members of the association and the general transport industry.
  7. To coordinate the purchase of genuine implements for members business whilst retaining value for the afore-mentioned.
  8. To assist and facilitate dispute resolution between the members of the organisation and to establish such structures as would be consistent with that aim.
  9. To discipline members of the organisation subject to the laws of the country and this constitution.
  10. To make representations where necessary in respect of legislation or action likely to affect the organisation and its members or the transport industry at large.
  11. To enter into contracts of any nature in respect to the acquisition or disposal of property by the Association.
  12. To do all such acts which are incidental to the organisation as herein mentioned.